Located in the city of West Palm Beach, our Mattress Store offers the latest in comfort and wellness to help you get a good night’s sleep and live a healthier lifestyle. Our products are 100% American, made with the best quality materials. Our West Palm Beach Mattresses are designed to promote healthy living and wellbeing for people who want to reach the full potential of their mental and physical health. 


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GhostBed Mattresses

Our bestsellers are Ghostbed mattresses, offering you every level of comfort to ensure you sleep well.  Drop by our Palm Beach Gardens Mattress store at 5752 Okeechobee Blvd to speak to one of our experts so we can outline your needs to ensure you always get the best night’s sleep.

In our West Palm Beach Mattress store, we sell the best mattresses we have ever tried: GhostBed. These American Made mattresses are specifically designed for ongoing comfort to ensure good night rest.
The design of Ghost mattresses guarantees a sound night’s shut-eye, so you always wake up on the right side of the bed. Our Ghostbed range has something to offer for every type of sleeper from light sleepers to deep sleepers and everyone in between. 

Whether you need a cool factor to transfer heat away from you as you sleep, or supportive layers to give you balanced support throughout the night. We offer bases ranging from firm to plush, to suit all budgets. Talk with our experts at our Palm Beach Gardens Mattress Store so we can find out your needs and improve your overall nightly routine. You can learn more about Ghostbed products on their website.


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